Quiz-Tac-Toe 1.2

A fun and small game combining tic-tac-toe with trivia questions
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Quiz-Tac-Toe is a small game that features a very addictive combination - the classic 'tic tac toe' game with trivia questions. As you must surely know, Tic tac toe is a game that needs two players, one using an ‘X’ and the other a circle ‘O’, who will take turns to strategically place their pieces trying to form a straight line, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Quiz-Tac-Toe differs from the original gameplay in that for a player to place his/her symbol on the grid, it is necessary to give the appropriate answer to a question, otherwise the player misses the turn, making the place available for the opponent. Questions cover different themes of popular knowledge, like geography, astronomy, music, literature, and history.

The game's interface is a small blue window providing the necessary options to play without any hindrance. One of the most interesting features is the chance of creating our own questions and answers and add them to the game using the Question Creator. With this program, we can easily create new questions and answers and refresh the list. Quiz-Tac-Toe is freeware, safe to install, and is a lightweight application. It is a fun and addictive game that will entertain you whenever you have some free minutes.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very easy to use and fun
  • Interface available in three languages
  • Freeware


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